Progressive Mob Demands Duke Opinion Editor Be Hushed for Thought Crimes

We are reaching the point in our descent into totalitarianism where it is not possible to express a viewpoint that does not comply with establishment ideology without getting fired. Freedom of speech is dying first where it is most aggressively threatened by the intolerant left — on college campuses:

An Asian conservative student editor at a major university is under attack from the biggest threat to free speech on American campuses today — leftists claiming their feelings are hurt.

Jonathan Zhao, the new opinion editor for the Duke Chronicle, penned a column titled “The plight of black America” on May 27, that blames the “pervasive sense of crippling victimhood within the black community” for hindering the progress of black people in America.

Two weeks ago, in response to the column, a group calling itself “Concerned and Conscious Duke Students” did what any good, free-speech loving liberal would do. It demanded Zhao be fired and silenced via a petition on

Zhao has been asking for it:

Some of his previous works include “Gay marriage is not a right,” “Equal pay is anti-feminist” and “A farewell to arms control.”

No doubt all of these columns were “offensive.”

Zhao stands accused of using his column “to proliferate racist stereotypes.” That is, he is a racist. In the authoritarian alternate reality liberals have made of colleges, a more serious crime would be inconceivable.

“We request the immediate removal of Jonathan Zhao as columnist and editor of the Chronicle’s opinion column,” the petitioners concluded, reinforcing the impression that removing Zhao from his position as editor isn’t good enough, they want him hushed.

There can be no free marketplace of ideas where progressives have established hegemony.

Zhao has also been accused of being a “terrorist.”

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