Leftists Have Established Nearly Total Hegemony in Academia

Since American workers had it far too good to support a communist revolution that would impoverish them, Marxists settled on a Gramscian strategy for imposing their ideology, which entails a long march through the institutions. These institutions can then be used to brainwash the populace into embracing the status of slaves under oligarchical collectivism. Among the most crucial of the institutions is academia, where the objective has been definitively achieved:

Only one undergraduate professor from the top 50 liberal arts colleges has donated to a Republican presidential candidate in the current election cycle.

According to FEC third quarter reports released October 16, 47 professors at the top 50 liberal arts colleges in the country, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, have given to presidential campaigns. Of those 47 professors, Hamilton College History Professor Robert Paquette was the sole donor to a Republican candidate, giving $150 to Carly Fiorina’s campaign.

Fiorino is no conservative, but at least she is not openly socialist like the radicalized Democrat Party, which enjoys virtually unanimous support from academia.

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The remaining 99.51 percent went to Democrat candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. …

“I do believe these numbers give an accurate representation of the political leanings of faculty on most college campuses,” Paquette wrote in an e-mail to Campus Reform, “especially allegedly elite liberal arts colleges like Hamilton College,” where he claims to be the “only out-of-closet conservative in a faculty of 200.”

After 35 years of experience in higher education, Paquette believes that the business “has become a racket monopolized by the academic left.”

Imagine trying to get an objective education in an environment totally dominated by leftist radicals. All you will get for your decades of debt is brainwashed.

In 2012, Campus Reform reported that 96 percent of Ivy League donations went to the Obama campaign. So far this cycle, over 95 percent of Ivy League affiliates have donated to Democrat candidates.

Other key institutions are suffering a similar fate, prominently including the news media, the entertainment industry, and even churches. Already this has allowed the far left to place Barack Hussein Obama in the White House without setting off a counterrevolution.


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