Here’s What Michelle Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About Her School Lunch Program

Here’s What Michelle Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About Her School Lunch Program

First Lady Michelle Obama has been pushing her nasty school lunches across the country – and kids and parents alike hate them.

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The Daily Caller obtained information from a Freedom of Information Act request that has the White House VERY nervous. The obtained info includes online correspondence regarding the findings of an American Medical Association study.

Western Journalism reported:

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According to its findings, the obesity rate in America has largely remained constant overall during the past decade, with some increases among elderly women and decreases among preschoolers. JAMA cautioned consumers of the report that the results are still under investigation and should not be considered final.

The White House, in what The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross called an “effort to lend credence to Michelle’s pet childhood obesity project,” reportedly emailed both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services with a direct request.

Instead of presenting an honest interpretation of the JAMA study, the Obama White House reportedly encouraged two federal agencies to ignore unfavorable aspects of the report while sharing only the positive news regarding kids younger than 5 years old.

Well, well, well… The truth has a funny way of ALWAYS coming out.

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