Married Teacher Caught Having Sex With TWO Students on the Same Day [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

Married Teacher Caught Having Sex With TWO Students on the Same Day [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

Teacher June Kendall is accused of seducing and sleeping with not just one, but two students of hers… and doing so on the same day.

Kendall allegedly started the seduction by sending the students pictures of herself through Snapchat. Prosecutors say the photos became more sexual as the conversations went on, with photos showing Kendall in “various states of undress”, before the 29 year-old teacher eventually told one of the boys that she wanted to have sex with him.


In September, Kendall went through with her plan, sleeping with the student during school hours, in a room that is attached to her classroom. They slept together again in October in the same room, after exchanging more explicit messages. A witness saw them leaving the room together after being alone for some time.

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It was on this same day that she also had sex with the second boy, also in her classroom. This boy allegedly told a friend about the encounter, but Kendall’s game was likely already up — the next day, the witness who say Kendall with the first student told police. Once they began investigating the first incident, school officials found out about the second one.


To make matters worse, Kendall is married, although for now, her husband and father say they’re supporting her.

For the moment, Kendall is on administrative leave. She’s also been charged with two counts of sexual assault. The school has also hired an independent investigator to do an internal investigation and released a statement, saying, “Our number one priority is, and always will be, the welfare, safety and education of our students.”

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