Hillary Advisors: She “Hates Everyday American” [DETAILS]

Hillary Advisors: She “Hates Everyday American” [DETAILS]

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton has a major problem connecting with people. Americans may support her as a candidate, but they don’t like her personally. She comes across as cold and unlikeable, and every time she tries to come across as a regular American, just like us, all that happens is she can add “phony” to the list of adjectives to describe her.

A new WikiLeaks drop may reveal why that is. They just released their third set of John Podesta e-mails, a major Clinton adviser, and one of those e-mails was titled “Truth.”

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That certainly was a valid description, because it certainly was chock full of truth. The context of the e-mail is unknown, but in it, Podesta admits what people have long suspected: Hillary hates everyday Americans.

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There can’t possibly be anyone who is surprised by this; Hillary’s contempt and arrogance is something she’s barely been able to disguise. But perhaps she should remember that it’s everyday Americans who elect her to office, who she is supposed to represent and who she is meant to fight for. We’re not just tools for you to use for your own gain, Hillary.

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