All Mxed Up: Fifth Grade Teacher Imposes Perverted Gender Politics

All Mxed Up: Fifth Grade Teacher Imposes Perverted Gender Politics

What kind of freaks have taken charge of teaching the next generation?

A new fifth-grade teacher at Canopy Oaks Elementary [in Tallahassee, Florida] is asking students to use gender-neutral pronouns in the classroom.

Math and science teacher Chloe Bressack sent the request home in a letter to parents headlined “About Mx. Bressack.”

“… my pronouns are ‘they, them, their’ instead of ‘he, his, she, hers.’ I know it takes some practice for it to feel natural,” the letter reads, “but students catch on pretty quickly.”

The letter also asks that students use “Mx.,” (pronounced ‘Mix’) when addressing the teacher rather than Mr. or Ms.

It is now too much to ask for teachers to encourage kids to speak proper English, and for science teachers not to demand that children deny objective reality.

Unsurprisingly, the educrats in charge back Mx. Bressack to the hilt:

Canopy Oaks Principal Paul Lambert said he and the school are in full support of Bressack.

“We support her preference in how she’s addressed, we certainly do,” Lambert said. “I think a lot of times it might be decided that there is an agenda there, because of her preference — I can tell you her only agenda is teaching math and science at the greatest level she can.”

Sure, that’s what public schools are all about. No agenda, just education.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna confirms it:

“I can assure you that teachers in our district will not be allowed to use their influence in the classroom to advance any personal belief or political agenda.”

Their job as public school administrators is to churn out kids clueless enough to believe it.

Parents must have pushed back hard, because Bressack and the educrats have issued apologies for “any confusion” caused by the Bressack’s gender-bender letter. But don’t expect them to back off from their agenda.

Yet another argument for homeschooling.

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