Moonbats Use Kazoos to Suppress Speech

Moonbats Use Kazoos to Suppress Speech

Progressives aren’t satisfied to forbid right-of-center speech in the heart of leftist Wacko Land. They have been using their juvenile yet fascistic tactics to suppress it all over the country:

A far-left protest group at the University of Pittsburgh is promising to “rage on” after shutting down a debate between scholars from the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute.

At least one protester was detained Wednesday night after a group of students interrupted a debate, making loud noises with kazoos to disrupt the speakers throughout the event hosted by the College Republicans.

Now, the Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition (PSSC)—which College Republicans President Marlo Safi claims is “the group that protested” during the debate—has vowed to continue its campus disruptions.

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A statement from the PSSC includes the liberal shibboleth, “f*ck every cop who ever did their job.” But leftists will revise this opinion once they are in a position to use the police to silence any speech that undermines their ideology. Truncheons are more effective than kazoos.

Kazoos for now, cracked skulls soon.

On a tip from Sterling B. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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