Oh, No You Can’t: Kids Deprived Voucher-Supported Education Obama’s Kids Enjoy

Obama Girls

Education good enough for thee, but not for me:

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says no more low-income, mostly minority children will get taxpayer-funded scholarships to attend private or parochial schools in the District of Columbia.

Duncan told CNSNews.com that school vouchers are “not the solution” to fixing D.C.’s failing public schools.

Duncan made the comments just days after concerned parents made another trip to Capitol Hill to press U.S. lawmakers to continue funding the city’s Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP).

“I appreciate the desire of every family to have the best possible education for their child,” Duncan told CNSNews.com in a statement. “I also understand that our role is to support children, parents and educators. That is why this Administration is devoting more resources and supports more ambitious reform of our public school systems than any administration in history.”

Let’s just remember what this is all about: supporting failing teachers in failed school systems. When low-income parents choose to remove their children from public schools, they’re rejecting both the educators there and the institution.

Interestingly, Barack and Michelle Obama also reject these schools. Of course, they can afford to do something about it. The laws keeping children uneducated and bound to a failing system serve the Obamas though–gotta keep the unions happy. Gotta make decisions to solidify power–even if it makes one look like a raging hypocrite and a heartless bureaucrat.

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