Studying The Sex Lives Of College Students

You thought you were done with that when you graduated, right? Well, this is just one of the many boondoggles that our stimulus dollars went to. I’m thinking that maybe somewhere along the line someone got confused on what: the word “stimulus” actually means. Perhaps they took it to mean the human body and not the economy.

Let’s see, what else did we waste our money on while unemployment is over 10%? Sen. McCain and Sen. Coburn issued a 55 page report on wasteful stimulus spending. The sex lives of students just being one of many. Politico reports “$4.7 million for Lockheed Martin to study supersonic corporate jet travel” and “roughly $233,000 for California college students to conduct exit polls in Africa about voting patterns.” The CBS evening news reports “$221,000 for a study on why young men don’t like condoms.” No, really? You have to STUDY that? Is there anyone who doesn’t know the answer to that?? Good grief. Also, $5 million to provide geothermal heat for a Tennessee mall that’s all but empty, and $950,000 for studying ant behavior at two Arizona universities” because God knows we want to know what those ants are thinking as they crawl up the wall in our kitchen.

via NRO

I think there should be a new law. A law criminalizing wasting our money with inane studies and sneaking them into ginormous spending bills figuring no one will notice. Just to make sure this is never done again. I recommend execution as punishment. Because, really, I don’t see HOW we could otherwise stop it.

All kidding aside, surely there is a way to stop this? Because it just makes my blood boil to think of the hardworking men and women in this country trying to make ends meet and THIS is what our leaders do with the money they take from us???


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