Partner University of Jewish Brandeis University Features Naziesque Rallies

At the root of political correctness is self-hatred. The ruling class deliberately exploits it to turn us against ourselves, making us more malleable. If you hate yourself enough, you won’t defend yourself from anything. For example, Brandeis University is traditionally a Jewish school, named after the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis. Yet campus activities at its Palestinian partner school Al-Quds University include Nazi-style rallies. Last Tuesday,

Groups of Al Quds students dressed in black military gear and armed with fake automatic weapons marched on the school’s campus while waving flags and raising the traditional Nazi salute, according to pictures first posted by Middle East analyst Tom Gross.

The rally was organized by the Islamic Jihad’s student faction, which is known to be active on the Al Quds campus.

Al-Quds is what Jerusalem is called by people who want to drive the Jews out of Israel’s capital.

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“It bothers me very much that the school I am attending has a partnership with a school that inherently promotes death to Jews,” said student Eve Herman, who serves as the president of the Brandeis Zionist Alliance.

Then you shouldn’t be attending it, Miss Herman. Not that it would be easy to find any university that isn’t rotten to the core with political correctness these days.

Islamic Jihad’s official website also reported on the rally and included multiple pictures of armed men trampling over a banner that had been painted with Jewish stars.

Several actors portraying dead Israeli soldiers also could be seen sprawled across the banner.

Al Quds students reportedly called for “jihad” during the event, as well as for the death of Israeli soldiers and their families, according to Islamic Jihad.

This is at least the third military-style demonstration honoring suicide bombers at Al-Quds so far this academic year, according to Gross.

Brandeis educrats refuse to comment, despite repeated requests.

Fittingly, the Brandeis–Al-Quds partnership has received nearly $1 million from the Ford Foundation, which uses wealth generated by quintessential capitalist Henry Ford to advance ultra-left causes that would have made him sick.

History gets ready to repeat itself at Brandeis’s PC partner.

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