Superior Legal Caste Established for LGBT Community

To the delight of authoritarian moonbats, the Senate has passed the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, which establishes the “LGBT community” as a higher legal caste that can effectively demand to be employed as a reward for engaging in deviant sexual practices.

In the unlikely event anyone out there actually believes homosexuals are discriminated against in this era of relentless promotion of all things trendily gay, I’ll explain how it works by metaphor. Say people named Dave band together and lobby the media/government establishment for special laws defending us from “discrimination.” That would give me a big advantage over people not named Dave, because employers who see my name on a resumé will know I am an Official Victim, and victims have lawyers.

Protection from “discrimination” is Affirmative Action — or, to put it differently, a license to commit extortion by implicit threat of litigation.

How is a potential employer to know that you must be hired because you belong to the privileged gay caste? After all, homosexual proclivities aren’t as immediately obvious as black skin. To solve this problem, Colorado College job applications allow job-seekers to designate themselves as “queer.”

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This is “stirring up controversy” — but only due to the debate over whether the term queer is “inclusive” or “offensive.”

Maybe they could settle the issue by asking the “LGBTQ specialist” employed by Colorado College to “provide support to students.”

There are no Dave specialists to provide support to students named Dave — providing further evidence that it is actually people named Dave who are oppressed and deserve special considerations.

On a tip from Dean D. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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