Professor Admits That Diversity Course Is Ineffective

Professor Admits That Diversity Course Is Ineffective

Someone has actually learned from a diversity course, even if it wasn’t a student. A professor at East Carolina University has learned that the course she teaches is a waste of time:

Dr. Michele Stacey, who teaches criminal justice at ECU, assessed the efficacy of the school’s diversity course by surveying 288 criminal justice students’ attitudes towards women and minorities both before and after taking the course, publishing her findings in the latest issue of the Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

Race, Gender, and Special Populations in the Criminal Justice System is a three-credit course that is required for the ECU major and minor in criminal justice.

The course is intended to “reduce student’s bias” toward politically favored identity groups like blacks and women. However,

After assessing the bias of students before and after the course—using prompts such as “a woman should worry less about their rights and more about becoming good wives and mothers” and “if blacks would only try harder they could be just as well off as whites”—Stacey found that the course hadn’t altered students’ attitudes towards race or gender.

Maybe students are more difficult to brainwash than some have assumed. Maybe instructors should relay objective information, rather than trying to instill attitudes.

But Stacey reaches a different conclusion, asserting that “future research should examine the content of such courses to determine if there is a formula that works.”

They might try delivering electric shocks to students who express incorrect thoughts.

In the meantime, the pointless course remains a requirement for Criminal Justice majors.

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