Mandating Green Roofs

Mandating Green Roofs

Where tyranny, sanctimony, and abject insanity intersect, there you will find moonbats. In Denver, they overwhelmingly passed a voter initiative mandating green roofs:

The initiative says buildings over 25,000 square feet need to have vegetation or solar panels on the roof. Even old buildings looking at roof repairs are now forced to change if they seek a new roofing permit.

You might think that this could not possibly have a perceptible effect on the environment. On the contrary, it will affect the immediate environment in Denver by discouraging construction and renovation.

“Both southeast and southwest Denver, we have acres and acres of closed big box stores that we’d like to see redeveloped and this is going to add a huge cost to those making it even less likely a developer is going to come in develop those properties,” [Councilwoman Kendra] Black said.

She notes that the initiative will make it take even longer to get a building permit, and place “a huge burden on our building department.”

It will also provide developers — who create jobs and wealth — with an excellent reason to develop somewhere other than Denver.

But the important thing is that the initiative made voters feels self-righteous about how much they care about the environment, even as they cause the decay of their own immediate environment.

Hopefully their smug thoughts will sustain them if the green roofs start caving in on their heads. In Hong Kong, a 1,400-square-meter green rooftop collapsed, evidently due to overloading with vegetation.

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