School Dumps Christmas to Appease Muslim Families (VIDEO)

School Dumps Christmas to Appease Muslim Families (VIDEO)

The spineless saps in our country’s schools have struck again. The Montgomery County School Board decided to wipe Christmas off the calendar in order to appease Muslim families.

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There’s a new battleground in the war on Christmas – the suburbs of our nation’s capital. The school board in Montgomery County, Maryland has decided to appease Muslims families by making the school calendar — religious neutral.

… As of next year – all Christian and Jewish holidays will be removed from the calendar. That means no more Christmas, no more Easter and no more Yom Kippur.

There’s no word on whether the board will remove the Irish from St. Patrick’s Day or the love from St. Valentine’s Day or the trees from Arbor Day.

For years local Muslims had been urging the district to close schools for two of their holidays. Many gathered outside the school board offices holding signs like “Support Equality for Eid” and “Because… our children matter too.”

Instead, the school board opted to eliminate all religious holidays.

To be fair, the Muslims didn’t seem to be campaigning to have Christian and Jewish holidays removed — they just wanted their holidays included too, which seems fair enough. But rather than adding one more holiday, the school board decided to just get rid of the Christian and Jewish holidays… because, you know, that makes so much sense.

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