Idiot Obama Signs an Agreement With China to Unilaterally Cut US EMISSIONS (Video)

Not only does this agreement beg the question of whether Obama is evil or just stupid, it asks was this all preplanned and part of his agenda just like uber Amnesty is? In the end, their outcomes are the same – they destroy the United States and put China and Russia in the driver’s seat globally. All this diplomacy with Russia and China is smoke and mirrors. All the military posturing is to achieve an end for the political power brokers of the world. This carbon emissions agreement with China is a sham and China’s leader posing with Obama by putting him in the lineup among women says everything you need to know – China views Obama as weak and effeminate. He’s also an evil, sociopathic narcissist with global domination fantasies and mommy issues, but hey… global warming is the real threat, right?

From Gateway Pundit:

Barack Obama signed an agreement with China on Wednesday to unilaterally cut US emissions.

Obama promised to kill coal. It was one promise he kept.

Obama called this move to handcuff American businesses a “major milestone.”

The agreement will force US companies to reduce emissions but gives China until 2030 to just cap their emissions.

Only a confused liberal would think this was a good idea.

The Washington Post reported:

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and President Obama struck a deal Wednesday to limit greenhouse gases, with China committing for the first time to cap carbon emissions and Obama unveiling a plan for deeper U.S. emissions reductions through 2025.

China, the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, pledged in the far-reaching agreement to cap its rapidly growing carbon emissions by 2030, or earlier if possible.

It also set a daunting goal of increasing the share of non-fossil fuels to 20 percent of the country’s energy mix by 2030. Obama announced a target to cut U.S. emissions 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, the first time the president has set a goal beyond the existing 17 percent target by 2020.

In other words>>> China “intends to try” to peak 15 years from now (which they already said they would do), while we accelerate the pace by which we unilaterally destroy our economy.

Which brings up the question once again: Is Obama evil or just stupid?

We are striking deals with all our enemies these days. China just hacked our weather satellites… Russia has embedded malware that could take down our power, water, gas and nuclear facilities. Iran has us in their nuclear crosshairs. And Obama… he’s golfing, dining, drinking, laughing and signing Executive Orders. He thinks of himself as the most powerful man in the world, when in reality he is the plaything of communists and Islamic tyrants. While China ascends, we will be committing suicide as a nation – right on schedule if this keeps up.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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