VIDEO: Obama Proclaims That American Taxpayers Must Pony Up and Pay for Everyone’s College Education

Oh, joy… more blatant Socialism/Marxism. Now, Obama wants everyone to be able to take two years of community college as a freebie – in other words, you and I will have to pay for it. Anyone with a brain cell left saw this coming. He says students will have to work for it. Well, that could mean many things. You might have to get good grades, or work part time while studying… or ponder this… it could mean you have to serve in a service corp for the Obama Administration. The similarities to the Hitler Youth here are not lost on me. America, when do we say we’ve had enough and tell our Marxist-in-Chief no means no? In case it has slipped anyone’s notice – we are bankrupt as a nation and a great deal of that is directly attributable to Obama’s Marxist policies.

From American Overlook:

President Obama uploaded a video to Facebook today giving a “preview” of the upcoming State of the Union. In it he talks about education and how important it is that Americans have the skills they need to fill today’s jobs.

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It’s tough to argue with that, but what’s not as clear is who should pay for everyone’s college education.

In the video Obama says, “I’m going to announce a proposal that I’m going to making…to ensure community college is accessible for everybody.”

You, the taxpayer, are going to be paying thousands of dollars for anyone who wants to study Art History, Puppetry, Gender Studies, or anything else they feel like they want to learn more about. It’s not clear if there will be any restrictions on what people can study.

In 2010, the average tuition at a community college in the United States was $2,713. This means that taxpayers will be paying $5,426 over the two years for anyone who wants to take classes. The Obama administration expects this to cost $34.2 billion.

There does seem to be some restrictions, but it’s not clear what they are. Obama says that the free tuition is only for those people who are “willing to work for it.” That could mean that recipients of the free education must get a certain grade, they may have to work a job while they study, or it may be something completely different.

Are you excited about paying for everyone’s college education, or is this another step toward socialism?

College education is not necessary for everyone, contrary to what people think. Most of America would be far better off to take a page out of our Founder’s playbook and start a business for themselves. It’s the American way and far more profitable and satisfying than working slave labor for someone else. This is one more entitlement to enslave an entire nation and further Marxism by going around the Constitution and our leaders. Educate yourselves to rid our country of the enemy within.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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