Urban Legend Comes to Life When San Diego Woman Gets a Scary Surprise in Toilet [Video]

Okay… I’m officially never going to the bathroom again without looking down first. Geez. A 5-foot Columbian Rainbow Boa Constrictor was found in a toilet in an office in San Diego by two women. They thought the toilet was clogged, but when one of the women took a plunger to it because the water was elevated, a big ole snake head and tongue came out. Screaming… she ran and got her business partner, who understandably did not believe her. Unfortunately, it was true and snakey proceeded to slither out of the john onto the floor and behind the porcelain vivarium. Creepy doesn’t begin to cover this.

From IJReview:

This video might make you think twice before just sitting down on the toilet without checking first.

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Two San Diego women got the shock of their lives, when they tried to unclog the office toilet with a plunger. Instead of finding the ‘usual suspects’ clogging the 19th century building’s pipes, one of the women, Stephanie Lacsa, saw a large snake head coming up from the toilet:

“As soon I saw the flicker of its tongue, I definitely knew that it was, in fact, a large snake heading straight toward me,” Lacsa told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Lacsa ran to get her office partner, who was also (understandably) terrified when she saw the snake, which was now coiled up by the toilet.

The women taped the bathroom door shut and called the San Diego Department of Animal Services, which identified the snake as a Columbian boa constrictor.

Animal Services reported that the snake was “shedding and agitated,” and that it was:

“likely…someone’s pet, and not something that came from a sewer.”

Officials brought the snake to a veterinarian and are hoping to find its owner.

It is still not clear how exactly the snake managed to get into the septic system.

A commenter on the article said it must have been a bowl constrictor. Heh. I’ve dealt with a lot of different snakes over my life… most don’t bother me. A few do. The baby Copperhead in the hot tub insulation last year was a shocker. Killing a Sidewinder and having it keep on going was disturbing. Baby rattlers on the porch in Phoenix were jarring. But a huge snake in a toilet? I can’t imagine how freaked out I would be over that. Who ya gonna call? Snake busters?

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