Three Reasons To Support Newt

I had someone on Facebook ask me to give him three reasons why I’m supporting Newt Gingrich. Here, edited slightly, is what I told him.

1) Newt Gingrich has accomplished more for conservatives in D.C. than anyone else alive. Nobody else is even close. Newt didn’t just stop legislation; he passed legislation that moved the country to the right. How long has it been since that last happened? Oh, yeah, it was when Newt was Speaker of the House. His lifetime ACU rating? It’s 90. He helped lead the first GOP House takeover in 40 years, he came up with the Contract with America, he was behind welfare reform, and he was responsible for multiple balanced budgets. At a time when every conservative in America is moaning about the size of the deficit, we have a potential candidate who has actually gotten the job done before in D.C. There’s a tremendous amount to be said for that.

2) Newt comes across as incredibly knowledgeable & hyper-competent, which I think makes for a fantastic contrast to our current bumbling President who seems baffled by every situation and is constantly moaning that his many, many failures and inability to deal with the country’s problems are someone else’s fault.

3) Newt is more electable than Mitt. He can out-debate Obama, he will reassure the American people that he knows what he’s doing in a way that Romney –who was a mediocre governor in Massachusetts– can’t, and Newt can rally conservatives behind him in a way that Mitt won’t be able to pull off. Conservatives will actually be able to get excited about putting the guy behind the Contract with America in the White House. On the other hand, Mitt vs. Obama is a lesser of two evils election where we’d be supporting Mitt because we won’t lose as badly with him in the White House as we would with Obama.

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