HUGE NEW NBC POLL: I didn’t think this would happen to Trump’s lead after the last debate

HUGE NEW NBC POLL: I didn’t think this would happen to Trump’s lead after the last debate

Polls are out, and the results are a bit shocking when it comes to Trump and his lead in the Republican pack. This is HUUUUUUUUGE:

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Two of the first, post-September 16 CNN debate polls have been released and they show Donald Trump with a commanding lead.

Chuck Todd said on NBC’s Meet the Press, “Trump laps the field at 29%, more than double of Ben Carson, and here comes Carly Fiorina moving into third place into double digits at 11% followed by Jeb Bush, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio.”

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In a statement to Breitbart News, Trump declared that these polls prove he was the clear winner of the CNN debate this week. “According to the latest NBC News poll, I continue to dominate the field by a wide margin and was a definitive winner of Wednesday night’s debate,” Trump said. “This movement is only growing. Voters are energized and excited about real leadership that will fix the problems we face and get things done unlike the all talk, no action politicians that have failed us for far too long.

“I look forward to focusing on the issues that matter including illegal immigration, the economy, our military and many others as I continue sharing my vision to Make America Great Again!”

An NBC poll shows Donald Trump polling at 29%, more than twice the numbers of Dr. Ben Carson. It also shows Carly Fiorina shooting up to third place behind Dr. Carson, at 11%.

You can see the poll results for yourself here:


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