Nasty Kids in Amnesty Video Aimed at Donald Trump Saying ‘F**K You, You Racist F**k’

Nasty Kids in Amnesty Video Aimed at Donald Trump Saying ‘F**K You, You Racist F**k’

In today’s world of perpetually offended pansies, any opinion that liberals disagree with that even remotely relates to a minority group gets you branded as a racist. So the video of a bunch of kids screaming profanities at Donald Trump for his flip-flopping on amnesty is completely unsurprising.

deport racism

Amnesty activists opposed to Donald Trump and his immigration policies have gone beyond piñatas and have launched a new video featuring children yelling obscene profanities at the Republican frontrunner.

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The new video, hosted at, is linked to a campaign to keep Trump off NBC’s Saturday Night Live and features a young boy and girl shouting words like “motherfuckers,” “fuck,” and “dick,” as well as Spanish profanity. At one point, a boy raises a middle finger to the camera while he holds a sign reading, “Deport this.”

… The video closes with a now-familiar scene of children beating a Donald Trump piñata, and a message from adult activists inviting viewers to become involved in the 2016 election and urging them to share the video with others.

The group’s website says that “ is a registered non-profit Federal Election Commission political action committee (PAC) dedicated to fighting anti-Latino and anti-immigrant racism in the 2016 election.”

Of course, considering how egotistical and thin-skinned Donald Trump is, he likely won’t be able to handle the criticism — we might even see yet another series of rash, unprofessional tirades launched on Twitter, because how dare anyone question the Donald, right? He better get used to it if he wants to be president, because this is exactly the kind of attention being president will attract.

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