Mother and Daughter ‘Cutters’ Butcher Women’s Genitalia With Razor Blades [VIDEO]

Mother and Daughter ‘Cutters’ Butcher Women’s Genitalia With Razor Blades [VIDEO]

Two women known as ‘cutters’ have described how girls are pinned down and blindfolded while being cut with a razor blade during gruesome Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) procedures in the backstreets of Kenya. This is nothing short of shocking:


CNN’s Nima Elbagir gained exclusive access to a mother and daughter known as ‘cutters’ in Nairobi, Kenya, where the practice of female genital mutilation remains commonplace.

It is here that many British girls with links to the African country are taken during their school holidays in order to undergo the brutal and barbaric procedure.

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The two women, identified only as Hawa and Fatima, revealed how the horrific practice is carried out using only a razor blade and bottle of ethanol as the girl is pinned down on a piece of plastic.

They told the broadcaster: ‘We sit down the girl, someone blindfolds her and lays her on the ground, then we cut, we cut three times, then you put the [alcohol], you… pour it on the wound.

‘The [alcohol] is a bit painful but it stops the bleeding.’

‘We blindfold them and put hands over their mouths, they don’t even scream because if they do, their age mates will despise them.

‘So they hold it back and endure the pain, they can’t make noise because of what other girls might think of them.’
Although outlawed across the developed world and many parts of Africa, the practice continues among tens of thousands of families who fear being outcast if they do not submit their daughters to the horrific ordeal.

It is performed on women at a young age in the misguided belief it will prevent promiscuity and maintain the family status.

Over one million girls and women living in Europe and North America have been affected by FGM, according to welfare groups.

Some 700,000 victims live in Europe – 140,000 in the UK and 100,000 in France. A further 500,000 women in the USA have undergone the procedure or are in danger of being forced into it.

Hawa and Fatima also described to CNN how they girl’s wounded is tended to following the barbaric surgery.
‘We clean up the wound every morning with the ethanol spirit, then after two weeks we untie [her] and see whether the wound is healed, and allow her to walk around the house a little bit.

‘By the third week she should be fine but not do lots of activities, till it is one month and then she would be fine and good to go back to her daily routine.’

There are three forms of FGM: the partial or total removal of the clitoris; the partial or total removal of the clitoris and labia minora; the narrowing of the vaginal orifice.

In the third, and most extreme form, the clitoris and labia are cut away with any sharp object – glass, knife, scissors or razor blade. The labia stumps are then sewn together. A hole remains the size of a match head for urination which commonly leads to pain and frequent infection.

This is just sad that this is still happening in parts of the world. No woman or young woman should have to deal with being mutilated as part of some ‘cultural’ crap. When you look at the bigger picture, women don’t seem so victimized in america, now do they?

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