Gun Sales at RECORD All Time High… And You Won’t Believe the Reason Why

Gun Sales at RECORD All Time High… And You Won’t Believe the Reason Why

Democrats have been howling about gun control whenever they get the opportunity, yet it isn’t having the effect they’re hoping for. Instead of making Americans cut back on gun ownership, they’ve been buying guns in record numbers.

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The level of FBI firearm related background checks in October again hit a record high, indicating that Americans have been buying firearms at all time highs for six months in a row now.

The FBI released October’s figures, showing that it carried out 1,976,759 Instant Background Checks. This makes it the sixth consecutive month to see a record number of checks.

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It also constitutes a a 373,290 increase in checks on figures from this time last year.

While the figure, almost 2 million, does not represent a one to one calculation for gun sales, it is considered a reliable indicator of overall gun sales. Sales between private parties are not subject to background checks.

The FBI stats also show that 17,584,346 firearms related checks have been carried out in 2015, with two months still to go, the overall figure should easily surpass 2013’s record of 21,09,273 checks.

The reason for record gun sales, say gun rights activists, is the push for further gun control by Democrats.

“Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the best gun salespeople on the planet,” said Alan Gottlieb, the head of the Second Amendment Foundation.

“The more they scream for new gun control laws the more guns walk off the shelves at gun stores,” Gottlieb added.

When will liberals get it? Guns not only don’t cause crimes, our right to own them is constitutionally protected.

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