SOROS Linked Group Has Plans to Register 8 Million “Global Voters” For the Candidate of HIS Choice

SOROS Linked Group Has Plans to Register 8 Million “Global Voters” For the Candidate of HIS Choice


Liberals like to talk about the secret figures funding the Republican party, but they have one of their own. George Soros has been funding leftist groups for decades, from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter. Rumors of voter fraud have followed him for a long time and it appears that he’s gearing up to do it again.

A new campaign has debuted that claims it will end Trump’s campaign. Called the “October surprise that will end Trump,” the campaign says it will activate a “secret swing state” of over 8 million unregistered voters abroad, made up of both American expats and “global citizens.”

Interestingly, the campaign wasn’t launched in the United States, but in London. Avaaz is a registered charity in the United States and is also one of the world’s most powerful activist groups — and, surprise!, has links to George Soros. The activists behind the campaign drove from University College London to Parliament in an open top bus, blasting Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” while yelling “Don’t vote Trump!”.


It is illegal in the United States for registered charities to work with or for any presidential candidate, and Avaaz denies having any connection to the Hillary Clinton campaign. They were recorded yelling “Vote for Hillary!”, though. “Avaaz has created the world’s first, global, citizen’s get-out-the-vote drive,” a member of Avaaz explained. “The more people that share it on Facebook, the more Americans abroad will see it, and the more we will be able to stop the global threat of Trump.”

Avaaz chose to kick off their campaign in London because it has the largest concentration of American expats and created a new tool designed to show them how easy it was to register to vote. 88% of Americans living overseas did not register to vote in the last presidential election and Avaaz believes that this voting bloc would be mostly progressive. Over half of American expats in the United Kingdom have Master’s degrees and overwhelmingly donate to Democratic candidates. But it’s not just Americans living in Europe they’re reaching out to — their next campaign is in Mexico.

Will the Soros machine be able to stop the Trump campaign’s momentum?

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