UK Begins Construction On “Great Wall” – Meant to Keep Illegal Migrants OUT (VIDEO)

UK Begins Construction On “Great Wall” – Meant to Keep Illegal Migrants OUT (VIDEO)


The United Kingdom began construction on what is being called their “great wall” near the border at Calais, France. The wall is being built to prevent illegal migrants from jumping onto vehicles preparing to cross the English Channel. The wall will cost an estimated two million pounds — about $2.5 million — and will be approximately 13 feet high.

There is a nearby migrant camp called “the Jungle” that has been attacking vehicles in an attempt to climb aboard lorries and cars in order to enter the United Kingdom. The wall will be made out of concrete, which is more difficult to climb and will be extended by fences.

The “Jungle” now has more than 10,000 migrants and it has become a hotspot for violence. Police have called that area of Calais a “no-go” zone after dark, due to the endemic violence in the area. The migrants have been known to cause car crashes, leave debris on the road, thrown rocks off of bridges and started fires. They have also physically attacked drivers with bats, stabbed them with knives and even threatened people with chainsaws.


It is these attacks that encouraged Calais port chief executive Jean-Marc Puissesseau to support the wall. “This wall is going to prevent migrants from getting onto the road every night,” he said. “We can no longer continue to put up with these repeated assaults.”

Liberals in the United Kingdom predictably opposed the construction of the wall, comparing it to the policies of Donald Trump. However, they don’t offer any other alternatives to deal with the problems. Thankfully, the British government, along with the French, are not going to allow this kind of violence to continue.

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