Next on Liberal Agenda: Taking Voting Rights From Seniors

Many seniors have figured out that ObamaCare will mean power-drunk statists condemning them to death because it isn’t financially sensible for Big Government to spend money keeping people alive who are mostly done paying taxes. This is likely to hurt the Democrat Party with a growing sector of the population. But as with all problems caused by liberal solutions, they have a solution for this too — take voting rights away from the elderly:

America should implement age weighted voting to make voting more objective and fair, and give the young more power, because the consequences of political decisions will affect them the longest. Age weighted voting would restore power to twenty and thirty year olds, where it resided before the advent of medical science. With the aid of computers, it would be easy to give everyone a Voting Score, just like we all have a credit score.

The Voting Score would be weighted not only to reward the young for their political naiveté, but to compensate for the shiftlessness that characterizes the extended adolescence of today’s 20-somethings:

It is a well-known fact that older voters vote more frequently, so this factor would compensate for the apathy of youth. For example, each vote by a twenty year old would count as 20 votes (in a primary of course) to compensate for the fact that only 5% of twenty year olds vote in primaries (where most political decisions are actually made). Different factors would be applied to general elections.

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The Washington Post’s appalling Ezra Klein gives an idea of what these “different factors” might be. Seniors won’t be the only ones to be disenfranchised if moonbats have their way:

If your response to this is that it’s crazy and offensive, that all American adults are equal and so is their vote, you might want to familiarize yourself with the U.S. Senate, where a Wyoming resident’s vote is worth almost 70 times as much as a Californian’s, or the electoral college, where the presidency could be won by a candidate who loses the popular vote 4:1.

The Senate and Electoral College were designed to keep states with large populations like California and New York from imposing their will on the rest of the country. Both of these states are on the verge of bankruptcy as a result of being ruled by socialists who are running out of other people’s money.

More from young Ezra, the moonbat boy wonder:

All of which is to say, we already reweight voting in this country. But we do it to give residents from small states more power. Does that really make more sense than reweighting by age, education, race, income or some other demographic characteristic?

Weighting by race is a concept sure to find favor among our liberal rulers as they strive to reduce the concept of republican government to a farcical fig leaf on their oligarchical collectivist power structure.

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