SCAM ARTIST! Look How Much Jill Stein BILLED The Recount For ‘ADMIN’ Costs!

SCAM ARTIST! Look How Much Jill Stein BILLED The Recount For ‘ADMIN’ Costs!

There have been a lot of questions as to why Jill Stein would launch a recount campaign with the goal of seemingly installing Hillary Clinton into the office of president. Stein isn’t a Democrat; she ran for president herself as a Green Party candidate. What did Stein have to gain? It turns out, the entire thing may have just been a giant scam engineered to net her more money.


Stein’s recount effort somehow managed to raise $7.3 million, far more than she raised throughout the duration of her campaign. Approximately $1 million of that was spent on administrative costs. This includes staffers, consultants, travel expenses, etc., which cost Stein $930,118. She managed to bring about a complete recount in Wisconsin, where she just widened Donald Trump’s lead over Hillary Clinton, but her efforts to force recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania failed, being blocked by court decisions.

The money for the recounts came from 161,300 donors. Still, people wonder how Stein was able to raise more money for the recounts than she was able to raise for her actual campaign. According to the Federal Election Commission, Stein only raised $3.2 million for her presidential campaign, and ultimately ended the election in debt. Some people have suggested that it was Hillary Clinton’s donors putting funds into the recount efforts.

Another reason for Stein’s recount efforts could simply be for the attention. She got next to no media coverage during the election, but a study conducted by the Media Research Center found that her recount campaign got 12 times more coverage. Yet she still tries to play as if there was a noble goal at hand, saying it was “an amazing affirmation of the power of the American people to have a voice in their voting system and demand elections with integrity.”

Reince Priebus, who will soon be the White House Chief of Staff, doesn’t agree. According to him, the recount was “a total and complete distraction and a fraud.”

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