North Carolina Looks To Regulate Solar And Wind, Warmists Aghast!

Much like with abortion on demand, solar and wind have enjoyed little to no regulation. A few years back, North Carolina required that abortion clinics be treated like the medical facilities they are. Things like requirements for medical standards and inspections made abotionistas very, very mad. Now we get this

(News and Observer) Green energy advocates are aghast at the latest energy proposal in the state legislature to regulate wind farms and solar farms, a bill they say would turn North Carolina into the nation’s most hostile state for renewables.

The legislation, introduced last week by two Republican state senators, would impose a host of financial hurdles and safety precautions, in some instances stricter than North Carolina’s standards for coal-burning power plants and nuclear power plants.

One of the lawmakers who sponsored Senate Bill 843, Sen. Bill Cook of Beaufort County, said the more renewables projects proliferate, the more they prompt complaints about safety, appearance and adverse effects on property values that must be addressed in a comprehensive fashion.

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Many citizens are very concerned about the projects, particularly wind, because of the noise, the flickering sun from the blades, these giant turbines in view, and falling home values.

The bill would require a wind farm or solar farm to be built at least a 1 1/2 miles away from a neighboring property line. Even at that distance, a solar farm would have to be concealed behind a perimeter of hedges and native landscaping. A wind farm could not generate more than 35 decibels of noise, as measured from the neighboring property, which is equivalent to the volume of humans whispering.

It seems like a common sense measure in protecting the personal health and property values of citizens.

“This bill is massive new regulation and essentially a ban on wind and solar in North Carolina,” said Brian O’Hara, who handles business strategy and government affairs for Chapel Hill-based Strata Solar, the state’s largest solar developer. “Under the permitting regime suggested by this bill, not a single solar farm developed in the state would have been built.”

So, what he’s saying, along with other Warmists, is that wind cannot comport with simple regulations. Warmists are part of a movement that loves loves loves government regulation, yet, they are unhappy when it applies to themselves. Go figure.

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