Politician Proposes New Regulation: STRIPPERS Cannot Be Too Old Or Too Fat… [VIDEO]

Politician Proposes New Regulation: STRIPPERS Cannot Be Too Old Or Too Fat… [VIDEO]

Talk about stepping in it. Not funny. In Louisiana, an anti-trafficking bill was introduced to outlaw girls under 21 from being hired at strip clubs. That is something I can wholeheartedly get behind… in fact, if I had my way, all strip clubs would be shut down for a whole host of reasons. Rep. Kenny Havard, who is a Republican and should know better, decided this was the time to make a point about over-regulation. Normally, I am against regulation, but when it comes to institutions that are crime magnets and pretty much just evil in nature, they shouldn’t just be regulated, they should be closed period. As the bill went to the floor, he jokingly tried to add an amendment that would ban strippers who are between the ages of 21 and 28 and weigh over 160 lbs. He called it cutting the fat. He quickly withdrew it, but it was way too late. He even put dollars on the podium during his ‘joke’. Fail.


From the Daily Mail:

The Louisiana House has agreed to block strip clubs from hiring dancers under the age of 21, but only after a joke from one lawmaker provoked outrage.

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The proposal, headed back to the Senate for final passage, was pushed as fighting human trafficking — but it prompted snickering and jokes.

Rep. Kenny Havard (R-St. Francisville) proposed an amendment that would limit strippers to between 21 and 28 years old and no more than 160 pounds.

‘Members, in the spirit of this legislative session, I offer up this amendment as a part of keeping – I guess the spirit alive – of trimming the fat,’ Havard was filmed saying on Wednesday.

He quickly withdrew it. Female lawmakers, however, were not amused.

Rep. Julie Stokes (R-Kenner) described the amendment as ‘utterly disrespectful and disgusting.’

Rep. Julie Stokes described the amendment as ‘utterly disrespectful and disgusting’. And she is right. His little laugh was just deplorable. The House voted 96-0 for the bill Wednesday — without the amendment. This isn’t a joke and the snickering by this idiot and others was totally inappropriate. Rep. Nancy Landry (R-Lafayette), according to The Advocate, said: ‘[Havard] was clearly insinuating that women over a certain age and over a certain weight are not attractive. ‘We’re here representing 40,000 people back home, and half of them are women. They’re mothers, daughters, sisters, and we’re here representing the state as the face of Louisiana to some extent. … I just don’t think it’s appropriate.’ That’s putting it mildly. It’s insensitive, callous and twisted. Advocate reporter Rebekah Allen tweeted a photograph showing dollar bills on Wednesday. She tweeted: ‘Other lawmakers left these dollars at podium in jest during strip club age debate #lalege.’ Make your point on over-regulation somewhere else. Somewhere where you don’t offend women all over the place and make light of young girls and women being used in sex-trafficking. Get a clue dude.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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