Adorable VIDEO when a girl tries to explain to her mom how her pet cow got in the house

Oops, I let the cow in… Moo! I don’t know who is cuter… the little girl or the cow. I’m sure this little one thought the cow was cold and let her in on the porch to warm up. A manger scene ensues with the dog out cold and a cow who is about to cuddle and snuggle with one adorable future veterinarian. As cute as it is, sorry folks… I’m still a carnivore.

From Rare:

When Billie Joe Decker discovered a cow in the enclosed front porch of her home, she asked her daughter how the cow got in.

Though her daughter tried to say that the guy just walked in, Decker knew that she was let in, and waited until her daughter would tell the truth.

When the animal and little girl start to cuddle, Decker begins laughing, until her daughter finally says, “oops, I let the cow in.”

“My daughter absolutely loves her animals and has a gift communicating with each one.”

The child has a way with animals obviously. Mom is enchanted and I hope wherever dad is, he got the pics. Bet mom was surprised to find Betsy the cow (or whatever her name is) curled up on the porch. Evidently some partying occurred before mom arrived, as a bag was chewed up with some type of cotton balls inside and a tree was overturned. Then the cow forgot she was a bovine and curled up next to the dog, contentedly chewing her cud. She looked like she would purr if she could. Cow gas and slobber aside, that is one seriously cute cow. The little girl is priceless and after the week America has had… a little angel snuggling with a cow is just what we need. Watch where you step.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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