Charlie Sheen Hides FIVE Sex Tapes, Includes One With Transsexual and Three-Way With Famous People

Charlie Sheen has admitted to having HIV, but what he is up to now is nothing short of absolute scandalousness. Whether it is because the star is trying to cash in on this dubious fame or what, this is absolutely sickening:

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He has already admitted to paying millions of dollars in hush money to blackmailers in an effort to keep his HIV status a secret.

Now according to new reports, Charlie Sheen was also trying to ensure a series of homemade pornographic films were never publicly released.

One day after revealing that footage has surfaced of the actor allegedly smoking crack cocaine and performing oral sex on another man, Radar Online claims the actor is also attempting to cover up the existence of ‘at least’ five tapes of him that were recorded around the time of his public breakdown.

The website claims that one of the tapes is in the possession of a gay Hollywood party boy, showing him and Sheen ‘indulging in hardcore sex’.

Another was secretly recorded by a transsexual that Sheen had a tryst with and was used against him as part of a blackmailing scheme.

A fourth tape, the website claims, involves a menage ménage à trois with a different male lover and Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

In a separate incident in 2009, a friend of Sheen’s reportedly got into bed with him and Mueller while on Christmas vacation in Aspen.

The incident was highly-publicized at the time after Mueller called 911, claiming Sheen had held her down and put a four-inch pocketknife to her throat.

He was arrested and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault last week, later receiving a sentence of 30 days in rehab.

Shortly after the Aspen incident, Mueller stopped cooperating with police and entered rehab herself.

Radar contends that Sheen’s incredible admission last week that he is living with HIV and that he paid out millions of dollars to sexual partners who were threatening to out him is only part of the story.

The site claims the hush money was mostly to get the assorted sex tapes destroyed, along with keeping the diagnosis under wraps.

A source told the site: ‘Charlie did not want his HIV secret being revealed to the world, but the reality is — in too many cases to keep count — he was caught on video as well!

‘These are hardcore sex tapes. He was paying to ensure they never saw the light of day — in addition to ensuring the individuals did not disclose his medical condition.’

‘Ultimately, these people realized that Charlie would pay much, much more than any media organization — to ensure the sex tapes were destroyed.’

Not that I want to see them or anything, but this isn’t something that he is going to be able to keep under wraps. And unlike Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, I highly doubt this will bring him any fame or fortune. Shame on you, Charlie Sheen. Your behavior is reprehensible.

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