EVERYONE Is Talking About What Miranda Lambert Wore in Public… [PHOTOS]

EVERYONE Is Talking About What Miranda Lambert Wore in Public… [PHOTOS]

As a country music star, Miranda Lambert is known for her modest sexiness. Saturday night, however, she kicked modesty to the curb and let lose in a lace-up top that leaves very little to the imagination.

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From Yahoo:

Gunpowder and lace-ups! Miranda Lambert looked like a red hot Sandy from Grease in all black at the iHeart Country Festival in Austin, Texas, on Saturday night.

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The country superstar wore tight black pants with a studded belt and a lace-up black shirt. Showing off a little skin, Lambert exposed her black bra underneath her top.


Lambert performed the songs “White Liar,” “Gunpowder and Lead,” and “Baggage Claim” for the roaring crowd.

To be entirely honest, if I had a body like that, I’d want to show it off too. You go girl!

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