*BREAKING* Trump Just got MAJOR News – This Is It

*BREAKING* Trump Just got MAJOR News – This Is It

In a poll in which American voters HAD to choose between Trump and Clinton, the GOP front-runner pulled ahead from the former Secretary of State by a narrow margin.

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From Info Wars:

Countering claims by Ted Cruz and others that he has no chance of beating Hillary, Donald Trump has pulled ahead of Clinton 41% to 39% in a new national Rasmussen poll.

This represents the first time that Trump has been in front of Hillary since October last year. As recently as March, Hillary was ahead by 41% to 36%.

Trump is now also performing twice as well amongst Democrats as Hillary is amongst Republicans, with the billionaire businessman picking up 15% of Democrats compared to Clinton’s 8% Republicans.

This suggests that the number of Republican voters who dislike Donald Trump to such an extent that they are willing to vote for Hillary in their belief that the Donald will destroy the Republican party if he gets elected is very low.

“According to the DC Whisperer, Trump’s 37% to 31% lead over Hillary amongst voters not affiliated with either political party also “reflects Mr. Trump’s considerable crossover appeal, something the Mainstream Media and political establishment has been reluctant to discuss because those kind of crossover voting numbers often lead to one thing in November: Landslide.”

89% of Republican voters now see Trump as the likely GOP nominee, compared to 91% for Clinton. This suggests that GOP voters’ enthusiasm to see a brokered convention is minimal.

Once Rasmussen removed the “stay home” option from their poll, Trump pulled ahead of the Democrat front-runner, but are these numbers reliable? Time will tell.

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