Man Poured BLEACH on His Puppy, Burned It Alive… Then THIS Happened

Man Poured BLEACH on His Puppy, Burned It Alive… Then THIS Happened

It is hard to believe that someone could be so EVIL that they would consider harming an innocent animal, let alone pouring bleach on it and then burning it alive. It’s even harder to believe that the person who would do that would get such an inconsequential prison sentence.

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From The Daily Mail:

A 21-year-old California man was sentenced on Friday to three years and eight months in prison for burning his eight-week old Chihuahua puppy alive in 2015.

Willie Bee Turner of Sacramento was found guilty of the heinous crime on March 3. In January 2015, when the tan puppy, which Turner had named Angel Star, defecated on his friend’s floor, Turner doused the helpless animal in bleach and tossed her off a balcony. The puppy miraculously survived.

The next night, he locked the puppy in a portable kennel and set the animal on fire on the sidewalk outside a Masonic Lodge on Becerra Way near Marconi Avenue, burning her alive, according to the Sacramento Bee.

A driver passing by saw the blaze and called 911 – horrified firefighters found the puppy’s charred remains.

Turner was arrested in February after tips from the outraged public led to his whereabouts.

In addition to his three years and eight months prison sentence, Turner cannot own a pet for 10 years and he will be registered as a lifetime arson offender and can no longer own or possess a firearm.

In my opinion, the sentence should have been much, much longer.

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