Leaked Benghazi Memo Reveals the Shocking Truth

Leaked Benghazi Memo Reveals the Shocking Truth

The longer this Benghazi investigation goes on, the more evidence piles up against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This latest revelation alone should be enough to convict the liar.

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From The Federalist Papers:

A newly released memo from the Benghazi investigation reveals that there were only two guards, which, as you probably can guess, is woefully inadequate for working in such a potentially hostile environment.


The more we learn about what happened that night in Benghazi, the more apparent it becomes this was a huge screw up, followed by a even worse cover-up, by the Obama administration.

What’s worse is Hillary Clinton appears to be be getting off of the hook for this tragedy, and her role in the cover-up in which she lied to the faces of the victims families.

Just one more reason why Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president.

I wouldn’t ask Clinton to babysit a goldfish, let alone run America.

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