From pushing himself on a skateboard, to stacking various cups in size order, Harry the four-year-old Labrador cross is one talented, clever pooch [Video]

There is nothing that warms my heart and soul more than the beautiful eyes, huge heart, endless courage and innocence of dogs. Harry, the Labrador, made my day and cute just doesn’t cut it when describing him! He can skateboard, dance, stack cups, wrap himself in a blanket and on and on. He’s one gifted, smart canine!!

Harry, a four year old Labrador and Patterdale Terrier cross from Hampshire, pushes himself on a skateboard.

From the Daily Mail:

Harry the four-year-old pooch pushes himself on a skateboard like a pro, and that’s just one of this black Labrador and Patterdale Terrier cross’s clever tricks.

Owner Christina Farley, 51, of Stubbington, Hampshire, says while Harry started life as a petulant puppy with a serious barking problem he now channels his energy into practicing his stunts.

When paired with a skateboard he knows exactly what to do, first putting all four paws on the deck then pushing off with his back right leg to get rolling.

Harry’s other talents also include catch a ball with his paws while standing on his rear legs like a meerkat, stacking cups in order of size, getting the post and he also dances on cue.

Christina, a self-employed gardener, has spent around four hours a week for the past three years teaching her dog new tricks.

Brains and looks – Harry’s got it all. And if you are good, he’ll eat dinner with you and provide the show. Since he started showing off his intelligence, Harry has won the national competition My Dog’s Got Talent at Paws in the Park in Detling, Kent. But Harry had already won all of our hearts. It was never even close.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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