Do Not Walk Your Dog Here! Muslims Do Not Like Dogs!

Do Not Walk Your Dog Here! Muslims Do Not Like Dogs!

The dhimmitude of the United Kingdom continues. There are now signs being posted alerting people that certain neighborhoods are “Islamic areas” and not to walk dogs there.

islamic dog sign

An MP has complained after seeing a sign posted near a popular park warning dog-walkers to stay out of ‘Islamic areas’.

Labour Member of Parliament Jim Fitzpatrick alerted police and the local mayor about the sign after it was flagged up by one of the residents in his east London constituency.

The sign, which was spotted on the railings of Bartlett Park, reads: ‘Do not walk your dog here! Muslims do not like dogs. This is an Islamic area now.’

How long have signs like this been up without anyone complaining or noticing? Considering it’s the UK, though, the question is more why anyone bothered to try and get it removed anyway — wouldn’t that get in the way of their national plan to roll over and be doormats to the Islamic extremists?

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