Last Jedi Chokes on Its Own Political Correctness

Last Jedi Chokes on Its Own Political Correctness

Critics love the latest Star Wars movie. Audiences, not so much. This is in part because The Last Jedi is saturated with in-your-face political correctness. Therefore, it is not the movie’s fault if fans don’t like it; it is the fault of the fans, many of whom are probably the worst of the worst — that is, white males, just like the villains in the movie.

So says Vox

But saying there’s a lot of cultural anxiety around this particular generational handoff is an understatement. And when you consider that Star Wars fandom has long been presided over by white guys, it’s natural this would lead to angry policing over what Star Wars is and isn’t. And that policing can be ugly and lead to toxic fandoms in which people who aren’t white men don’t feel comfortable.

…and Forbes

It’s … about telling the original batch of Star Wars fans that the franchise isn’t necessarily for them anymore. It’s rather for those who have been waiting on the sidelines (fans who weren’t white men)…

…and Vanity Fair, which characteristically takes the moonbattery the furthest over the top by denouncing the…

…ticked-off splinter of the Star Wars fandom angered by The Last Jedi. These MAGA–esque fanboys—the same that called Rey a “Mary Sue” or lost their marbles over the 2016 all-female Ghostbusters reboot before it even hit theaters—have been spreading their overblown hatred all over social media. As you might imagine, those “fans”—who seem to take their cues from First Order supremacists Hux and Kylo rather than Resistance heroes Rey, Finn, and Poe—aren’t very comfortable with the film’s more progressive messages.

If you want P.C. demographic engineering rubbed in your face, you can just sit home and watch television commercials. But if you believe that white guys need to be demonized and marginalized so that we can usher in post–white guy liberal utopia, by all means see if you can sit through The Last Jedi.

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