Racist Trees to Be Removed in Palm Springs

Racist Trees to Be Removed in Palm Springs

Racist trees will not be tolerated by the bureauweenies running Palm Springs, California, who righteously proclaim that as soon as they find the money to do it, they will remove a row of tamarisk trees that serve as a barrier between the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course and a historically black neighborhood:

Many longtime residents of the neighborhood previously told the (Palm Springs, Calif.) Desert Sun they believed the trees were planted for racist reasons in the 1960s, and remained a lasting remnant of the history of segregation in the city.

Removing the racist trees will cost at least $169,000.

But don’t the residents also benefit from the barrier? They don’t want golf balls flying through their windows, do they?

Never mind; the angry blacks have thought of that:

Residents, led by real estate agent Trae Daniel, who moved into the neighborhood 14 years ago, have made four demands of the city. They include: removing the trees; building a 6-foot privacy wall for residents who want it; installing netting or something similar to prevent errant golf balls from flying into residents’ yards; and planting new trees similar to those seen along other parts of the course.

Looks like this is going to cost taxpayers more than $169,000. But it will be worth every penny to combat the microaggressive menace posed by racist trees.

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