The Cost of the Entertainer in Chief’s Talk Show Appearances

Getting sick of our Commander in Chief constantly appearing on late night talk shows for frivolous chitchat instead of explaining in a legitimate news forum what the hell he has been doing to our country? You will be even sicker when you find out how much it costs us:

The goal of these appearances is partly to boost the president’s image and partly to promote his agenda. Taxpayers foot the bill for Mr. Obama’s high-cost travel on Air Force One.

At $180,000 per flight hour to operate the presidential aircraft, the trip cost taxpayers more than $1.8 million just for the flying time to California and back. That doesn’t include two 50-minute flights in California on Marine One, the presidential helicopter; or the cost of lodging dozens of White House staffers and Secret Service agents overnight, or the cost of 20-vehicle motorcades at the various stops.

Not to worry, he economized by also hobnobbing with left-wing Hollyweirdo Jeffrey Katzenberg while he was out West for his latest Tonight Show appearance on Tuesday. Katzenberg donated $10 million to his reelection campaign — a drop in the bucket compared to what taxpayers are forced to pay for the never-ending low-information campaign that is his farcical presidency.

Our “leader” on the talk show circuit.

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On tips from Bob Roberts and TED. Graphic: All the Right Snark. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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