Al Gore’s Massive New Mansion

Al Gore may be slimy and vile, but he isn’t stupid. Selling sanctimonious lies to liberal fools makes him more in a month than I’ll earn in my lifetime. Check out his new digs in Montecito, California:







It’s private too, thanks to a nearly total blackout of this latest example of Gore’s outlandishly hypocritical conspicuous consumption by his coconspirators in the media.

No doubt the power bills are blowing away even the impressive $1,359 per month he was running up on average at his Nashville mansion. Meanwhile, the rest of us are admonished to subsist like medieval peasants because living well is hurtful to the polar bears — unless of course you’re a member of the liberal elite ruling class, in which case your aura of self-righteousness counters your carbon emissions.

On tips from Edward and Ummah Gummah. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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