Attention citizens of Planet Earth: Have you observed deviants who selfishly reject the green agenda in favor of outmoded concepts like “liberty,” “self-interest,” or even “convenience”? Don’t just curl your lip at them: turn them in at EcoSnoop, the website devoted to exposing eco-criminals.

EcoSnoop’s mission is to help our communities heighten awareness of opportunities to be more green, save energy, eco hypocrisy, and even fill pot holes. Leveraging the power of the community, EcoSnoops use their an iPhone to capture clear pictures of a problem and post these pictures on a community website so that building owners and others can take action.

Currently the top crime at EcoSnoop is “Lots of light at gas station in the middle of the day”:


Just a thought: Maybe the lights are on so people don’t think the station is closed — or so they don’t drive into the pumps in the gloom.

Like many who help pave the road to hell, the EcoSnoop folks have good intensions. They just want to save energy — which is important, considering that our moonbat rulers are doing all they can to prevent us from generating more of it. The site asserts that it is “dumb and offensive” to rat out neighbors, and even expresses ambivalence regarding the global warming hoax. But anyone familiar with Comrade Obama’s chilling [email protected] mailbox can see where the phenomenon of online snitching is likely to head.

On a tip from Kevin R. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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