Limbaugh Hospitalized, Left Hopes For His Death

The story:

Conservative radio talk host Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a Honolulu hospital on Wednesday afternoon with chest pains, sources told KITV.

Paramedics responded to the call at 2:41 p.m. at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.

Paramedics treated him and took him to Queen’s Medical Center in serious condition. He will not be released from the hospital on Wednesday night, sources said.

My prayers are with him, as I’m sure yours are. Unless you are a Typical Lefty. Cue Think Progress, which whines that Limbaugh was take to the same hospital Obama was supposedly born in

  • At least there is evidence of a heart. I hope if he croaks its a slow painful departure.
  • Yes! Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
  • What an a$$hole… ……
  • I hope he lives a long life. I also hope he has a stroke and can’t speak, or wipe his ass, or walk, and spends that long life in a nursing home being cared for by overworked, minimum-wage caregivers.
  • I hope he fails.

Cue Pam’s House Blend

  • He can’t die soon enough. That would be a hell of a way to ring in the new year. If not, there’s only so much excess weight, hillbilly heroin, booze and cigars — and who knows what else — a body can take, so the day’s coming. I don’t hate Rush Limbaugh (he obviously hates himself enough for all of us) but it would be great to have him out of the way. I don’t see him retiring, so this works for me.
  • Hospitals are no fun So it’s a perfect place for Rush. Maybe they’ll give him an enema! God knows he’s needed one for years…..
  • Frankly, I hope his heart explodes and his intestines rupture. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.
  • I do not wish him well It doesn’t make me a bad person not to wish him well. He exerts a malign influence on this culture and our politics. 2010 would be a better year without him.
  • and why can’t I pray for his death? they do

Cue Crook and Liars in an open post

  • A new year without some trash like Limbaugh would be OK with me! this is one case where I don’t really care about being bigger then the other person. Screw Rush Limbaugh.
  • Exactly how I feel. He was a traitor who wanted the president to fail. I had more feelings for Novak.
  • Got 24 more hours to win my 09 dead pool. he is at the top of my list. go rush go
  • he is suffering from over exercising his right hand….you can’t make flaccid body items co-operate.


  • good riddance!
  • Best news I’ve heard in years…Hope he joins MJ, the sooner the better!
  • I have no simpathy for Rush. He is a racist, piece of sh
  • I hope he dies.
  • so long hypocrite!!!
  • Die, suckah
  • Oh, please let him die! Preferably quickly and very painfully. Please, please, PLEASE!!!
  • Hahahaha “I hope his heart fails” -Wanda Sykes lol lol
  • die
  • Hey maybe the year will end on a positive note after all.
  • I absolutely hope he lives, until Friday.
  • Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I’m not exactly proud of the way I feel but I’m not alone in hoping this hate monger caps off 2009’s celebrity death parade. This is one that wouldn’t inspire much slow singing and flower bringing.

The comments at TMZ just kept going on and on and on. Many other left side outlets had the same types of nastiness. Of course, the Democratic Underground is doing their normal hate. One last comment pull

  • Resting comfortably isn’t enough. He should be resting in peace and, as he himself has often said, “Assuming room temperature.”
  • Too bad… chest pains during a (mostly live) on-air rant would have been a ratings bonanza for sure. This is probably the result of a trio of over-zealous hookers tag-teaming…. Nonetheless, I wish the country a speedy recovery…
  • hey fat boy, die already!
  • Can anyone sneak into the room and “pull the plug?”
  • Let me see, what was that phrase he used about our beloved president? I Hope He Fails? Yea, I hope his doctors all fail.
  • Ding dong, the witch is dead!!!
  • I don’t wish anyone ill, but I don’t wish him well either.
  • I hope it’s something serious.
  • Come on you fat druggie, let you corpulent body join your morals, in hell. You fat fraud.
  • I suppose it it too much to ask that this clown would stop breathing. We could use one less divisive figure next year.

Care to guess where those are from? If you guessed XXXXXXXXX, tequila for you. “User reviews and comments that include profanity or personal attacks or other inappropriate comments or material will be removed from the site.” But, not if said comments are wishing death on Limbaugh or any other conservative.

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