Democrat Spinners: Obama More Aggressive Than Bush Against Al Qaeda

New Year’s Eve is a great time to lighten up with a big old belly laugh. Here goes:

Democratic strategists Wednesday asserted President Barack Obama “has been far more aggressive in fighting al Qaeda” than the previous administration.

Bwahahaha! At least they have a sense of humor!

In an e-mail this afternoon to supporters — which incidentally excoriated Republicans for politicizing the attempted bombing of Flight 253 — the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) stressed it was President George W. Bush, not his successor, who relegated the fight against the terrorist network to the back burner by turning “its focus from al Qaeda to Iraq.”

In case these clowns are actually serious, here’s a little news quiz. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a top terrorist killed by US forces in Iraq, was affiliated with:

A) Saddam Hussein’s regime of butterflies and daffodils
B) Those nasty Rethuglicans
C) The Boy Scouts
D) Al Qaeda

If you picked D, you haven’t been getting your news from NBC.

Although he certainly had his flaws, George W. Bush devoted himself wholeheartedly to fighting Al Qaeda, with the result that despite nearly universal expectations following 9/11, there were no significant terror attacks on US soil until the Fort Hood massacre after he had left office. Obama for his part has fought terror by bowing to its financiers, installing a pro-terrorist activist as Attorney General, granting the architects of 9/11 a carnival show trial a stone’s throw away from Ground Zero, condemning the interrogation of terrorists, closing Club Gitmo, and sanctimoniously denouncing America for its alleged misdeeds. No one who hasn’t spent the last two years in a cave could be clueless enough to think Chairman Zero would exert even a tiny fraction of Bush’s energy to fighting Al Qaeda.

But who knows? Maybe if the lie is sufficiently preposterous, liberals will strive to be politically correct enough to believe it. Nothing else could explain Obama being passed off as presidential material.

On tips from Conan, John R, and scottthong. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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