Global Warming “Con Artists” Try Again at Cancun Climate Conference

Liberals allow themselves to turn the: truth:  upside down, inside out and out of sight when they: have money to make: for their “cause.” : Heavens: and earth shall: be moved if “they” determine to “right” a wrong.:  So try to envision the many layers of hypocrisy going on right now in Cancun, Mexico, where every liberal or liberal “pet project” has converged for another United Nations Climate Change Summit.: :  These are very radical, illogical people, HOWEVER,:  billions of dollars are potentially available.:  “They” aren’t giving up.:  Pay close attention.:  It’s YOUR money “they” want.

Last year, many of the very same : environmental nutjob elites of the world were stuck in a blizzard in Copenhagen, Denmark as they conducted the 2009: United Nations “summit” on global warming.:  Nothing was accomplished.: :  It would be laughable, except that these radicals and third-world chieftains were trying desperately to get a treaty signed that would sign billions of OUR dollars over to THEM for our “crime” of being industrialized.

They are still trying to take our money, so don’t laugh

The fraud of the “global warming” movement has been exposed even further since that meeting eleven months ago, but if there is wealth to be distributed, these players still want “in.”

Though the ranks are dwindling, these “climate change” conferences sponsored by the U.N. have continued all year.: : Now that it’s December again,:  the sage global warmers scheduled themselves into the: sunshine and luxury of Cancun, Mexico five-star resorts.: :  It is head-spinning to think how much energy was expended flying all these limousine liberals from all over the world, even more so to wonder who is footing the bill for all of this.:  [ Someday, mark my words, it will be shown that the United States, through its over-generous funding of the United Nations, is paying for these bounteous meetings.]

Who are the “haves” again??

While most North Americans are turning down thermostats to save on fuel bills: and shivering, Christmas shopping a little less grandly, : and being thankful for jobs if they have them, we are deemed the “have” nation.: :  Meanwhile, representatives of the “have-not” nations of the world are busting expense accounts in a luxurious tropical resort demanding global taxes, airline travel fees, fuel surcharges, whatever they can think of, to exact a “world climate tax” on us because we are the “wealthy” country.

So much failure on many levels

Will the third world nations be successful in their wealth transfer bid?:  Let’s hope not.: 

Attendance in Cancun is down markedly from the Copenhagen “summit” last year.: :  Gone is last year’s optimism that industrialized countries will happily fork over billions to a bunch of banana republic turban-tops on the basis that something bad MIGHT happen SOME DAY due to global warming.: :  It’s:  a little more jut-jawed and grim, but still resolute.:  That’s why this meeting must be monitored closely.

In addition to : the barrage of reports attacking the scientific methodology behind thirty years of “global warming” fraud, : (see archives of “Climate-gate” here at the Climate Depot website) there are other significant reasons why any talk of a climate treaty is meaningless.: : 

First, there is no discretionary money in the “have” countries. Europe is in severe financial distress, trying to decide which of the association members needs a bailout next.:  Cash to more open hands is not going to happen.

The : main stumbling block in trying to control and tax energy usage by industrialized countries is China’s “inconvenient” coal-usage .

This is a cold fact that isn’t heard much, if at all, at the Cancun meeting:

China is giving itself all kinds of credit for going “green” with solar products and projects.:  However, according to a report this week by the Heritage Foundation, China is, at last report,:  believed to be burning half of the world’s coal to support its economy.

Prior to Copenhagen, it was already clear that Chinese coal was an insuperable obstacle to an international agreement on greenhouse gases. The past year has made the situation that much starker.

In 2000, the official figure for Chinese coal production was 880 million tons. In less than a decade, it more than tripled to 2.96 billion tons for 2009. In the first quarter of this year, coal production jumped another 28 percent. China, which was a net exporter of coal as recently as 2008, was the world’s largest importer of coal in the first three quarters of this year and far more in the way of imports are on the way.

Most shocking of all, according to Heritage, and not being discussed by the global “warming” community, China as of March, 2010 refused to make any more reports on its use of coal.

“The PRC (People’s Republic of China) : has been at odds with the U.S. and other countries about monitoring and enforcement of any international environmental treaty. But how could anyone trust China to monitor itself when it is no longer even willing to provide the most basic and critical piece of information?

The answer is that no sane person could.”: 

Climate Change Insanity

The Cancun climate summit shows us again, that a “sane” discussion of global warming is an oxymoron, emphasis on the “moron.”

As reports showing “global warming” to be junk science continue to emerge, the climate hysterics are becoming more strident.:  At the Cancun meeting it is as if zombies have begun walking and talking about ridiculously scary weather/climate scenarios.:  Here are the findings of an especially loony one, as reported to the Climate Depot website via Steven Goddard:

Oxford University : “A billion people will lose their homes due to climate: change”

Up to three billion people could lose access to clean water supplies because global temperatures cannot now be stopped from rising by 4C.

We will reach a tipping point from which temperatures will go up even faster. The world will then start to look very different.”

: This could lead to the creation of “ghost states” whose governments-in-exile would rule over scattered citizens and land lost to rising seas.

Researchers such as Richard Betts, head of climate impacts at the Met Office, calculate that a 4C rise could occur in less than 50 years, with melting of ice sheets and rising sea levels.

Devastating changes to sea levels, rainfall, water supplies, weather systems and crop yield.”

C3headlines notes the Mexican president’s weird fixation on 60 “supposed” climate-related deaths while not even mentioning 19,000 Mexicans who are being brutally butchered by drug gangs, including 69 people ON ONE DAY in January of 2010.

Here are some of the most outlandish headlines coming out of the Cancun meeting from Climate Depot in just the past 48 hours:

  1. CanCON: Bolivian Ambassador Pablo Salon says there should be an international tribunal for climate crimes
  2. CanCON: UN bans skeptical journalist from Cancun Climate Summit
  3. Laugh Riot: Timed For CanCON: ‘Climate change threatening survival of human beings’
  4. Timed for CanCON: ‘Global Warming To Bring Back The Black Death…outbreaks of the plague…killed millions down the ages and wiped out 1/3 of Europe’s population in 14th century’
  5. Breaking: UN climate hoax chief admits the obvious: Warm weather is ‘better’ than cold weather
  6. Cancun Climate Engineering Circa 1500: ‘This isn’t first time that climate negotiations have been held in Cancun’

While the calamity-conspiracists of climate change are laughable for all their incredible claims about global warming, Americans need to keep a wary eye on the events there.:  President Obama and the huge American delegation that flew at great expense to Denmark, is NOT going to Mexico, thankfully.: :  The U.K. prime minister Cameron has just announced he is also “busy” and unable to go to Cancun. But the pressure to commit to “something” is in the air down there.:  Woe to us if we don’t pay attention.:  Hopefully, as the new Republican leadership takes charge, these meetings will cease.

Most of us will never be able to afford the kind of vacation that these U.N.-subsidized bobbleheads are charging on our tab.:  To have them dining in style, staying in suites and flying privately to Mexico to tell us we need to pay climate bribes to them so that they will “go away,” is the height of insult to the American tax-paying public.:  De-fund this folly.: 

Final note::  Fighting the “good fight” for all of us in Cancun: are noted Climate-gate “global warming skeptics”:  Lord Christopher Monckton and and Dr. Roy Spencer of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).:  Thank you, gentlemen for your championing of good sense!

One of the classic photo-shopped “examples” of “global warming” used for fund-raising

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