Liberalism: Mohammad Cartoons Vs. Jesus Being Eaten By Ants

For all their kvetching about hypocrisy, most politicized liberals in this country have an incredibly hypocritical attitude towards Christianity. Of course, finding a liberal politico who hasn’t completely bastardized his Christian beliefs to make them compatible with liberalism or believes enough in Christianity to actually stand up for it when it’s being slandered by other liberals, is about as common as running across a diamond in a dog turd. Of course, most liberals don’t even go that far. Instead, they hate Christianity, hold Christians in contempt, and cheerlead anything and everything that denigrates the Christian faith. Their attitude is illiberal, intolerant, bigoted, and hateful — which is ironic, given that most liberals will describe Christians that way.

But of course, if we’re talking about Muslims, suddenly liberals do a 180 degree turn. They’re supportive, they urge tolerance, and if necessary, liberals will close their eyes and put their hands over their ears to deny the obvious. In other words, they have the exact opposite attitude towards Islam that they do towards Christianity.

We can’t show Mohammad cartoons. It might make Muslims angry! We’ve got to desecrate Ground Zero with a mosque lest some Muslims think us insensitive. Nobody better say that a radical Muslim who commits terrorism did it because of his faith — even if he says he did it because of his faith. Even if tens of thousands of other radical Muslims, all across the world, have committed similar acts of violence in the name of their faith, it’s Islamophobic to even take note of that fact in an effort to try to deal with it.

In other words, there is practically no length liberals won’t go to in order to be sensitive to Muslims.

But, let a Christian complain that his tax dollars are being used to fund art that mocks his faith and that’s completely out of line. See the New Yorker for an example of how it works,

The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery removed a piece of video art, A Fire in My Belly by late artist David Wojnarowicz, which contains a Jesus statue with ants crawling on it and intermingles LGBT-themes with Christianity, from the exhibit “Hide/Seek,” after complaints from Catholic groups and conservative politicians. U.S. Representatives John Boehner, Speaker of the House as of January 3, and U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor, second-ranking member of the coming House Republican leadership, encouraged the removal of the video, according to ThinkProgress, and the two are encouraging the Smithsonian to remove the entire exhibit altogether. The Catholic website first brought the exhibit to Boehner’s and Cantor’s attention today. Some things the politicians could have done:

(a) Not commented.
(b) Said it isn’t necessarily within their jurisdiction as lawmakers to do anything about it.
(c) Said they wouldn’t personally hang the images in their own homes, but this is someone else’s work, and it’s art, so to each their own.
(d) Said they have an economy to fix, a WikiLeak to plug, and a Korean crisis on their hands, so maybe they’ll deal with the LGBT-themed Jesus statue later.

So, what do you think the chances are that this commentary would have appeared if the story read like so,

A Fire in My Belly by late artist David Wojnarowicz, which contains a Mohammad statue with ants crawling on it and intermingles LGBT-themes with Islam, from the exhibit “Hide/Seek”….

We all know who’d be the first people demanding that exhibit be taken down in that case, don’t we? The New Yorker, right? But, if you say they have blinders on when it comes to radical Islam or accuse them of being anti-Christian, they immediately get huffy. Well, if the shoe fits, wear it.

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