If Gov’t Can’t Run This Carp, How Would They Do With Healthcare?

A perfect illustration of why government should be limited in their role, because, they are just generally not that great at actually getting things done in a reasonable time period

The White House has agreed to Gov. Jim Doyle’s request to hold an emergency Asian carp summit with Great Lakes governors while a Michigan congressman has vowed to take the fight to block carp from invading Lake Michigan to the Capitol.

You’ve heard of this issue, right? The Asian carp are killing off the existing fish populations because they are very large, very aggressive and eat quite a bit, leaving little for other species. One thing that was tried was to build an electronic barrier, which took many many years to build, cost upwards of $9 million dollars, was finally turned on in April 2009, and, oops, there were problems with the barrier, and there are reports that the carp are now past the barrier.

Did I mention that much of the blame for the carp escape rests at the feet of the government? Asian carp escaped from government holding pools. In the 1970’s. I do believe the time for summits, which generally accomplish nothing but the appearance of “doing something,” is over.

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U.S. Rep. Dave Camp introduced a bill Wednesday that seeks to shut navigation locks in the Chicago area, a drastic step the U.S. Supreme Court opted not to order in a ruling issued Tuesday.

Pretty much everyone is saying that is the best way to stop the Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes. Well, almost everyone

The Obama administration supported the Supreme Court’s decision to not close the locks as an emergency attempt to stop the carp’s advance.

But White House officials say they have not given up fighting the carp.

They haven’t given up, but, they won’t let anyone do what is the best thing to stop the carp. So, yet again, government is getting in the way of implementing the best solution, while they hem and haw for the cameras. So, when the death panels, er, Independent Government Advisory Board is denying people life saving services, how do you think government will act, and how many months/years/decades will it take? Remember, government run health care advocates, this issue has been around since the 1970’s.

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