Intersectional Environmentalism

Intersectional Environmentalism

Moonbattery is moonbattery; all of its strands tie together. Moonbats call this intersectionality. An obvious example is the Marxist core of the environmentalist movement. The term watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside) has gotten heavy use for years. Environmentalism is not intertwined only with state slavery. Check out the current profile photo on the Sierra Club’s Twitter page:


What does making a lifestyle out of perverted sexual proclivities have to do with saving the polar bears? Just as much as it has to do with the left’s escalating hatred of whites:

Grist blogger Nikhil Swaminathan claimed the environmental movement [is] “mostly run by well-off white people concerned about conserving critters and our country’s natural beauty, not the health and welfare [of its people],” in a post Tuesday. The Sierra Club’s official Twitter account later shared the blog with followers Wednesday afternoon.

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Swaminathan denounced the “unsustainable whiteness” of the green movement. He fumed that “nearly three-quarters of staffers are white.”

According to the US Census Bureau, 77% of the population is still white.

Imagine if an American went to India and complained indignantly about workers there being mostly of Indian origin.

It isn’t just Swaminathan:

“White privilege and racism within the broader environmental movement is existent and pervasive,” Aaron Mair, the Sierra Club’s first black president, told Grist. “The current is not maintainable — we’re becoming a brown nation. It’s not about a one-off. It’s about sustainability.”

Sustainability, apparently, is about not being white.

Social justice activists have criticized both Greenpeace and the Sierra Club for supporting the “white-hetero-patriarchal-imperial ideology which premises this continued climate colonialism.” …

Criticism eventually forced Greenpeace to appoint a social justice-friendly executive director Kumi Naidoo.…

Naidoo’s tenure oversaw many attempts by Greenpeace to reach out to social justice groups, including an actual apology to Inuit commercial seal hunters, whose business and culture environmentalists disrupted.

Raping the Earth, murdering animals, et cetera are okay so long as non-whites do it.

Under his tenure, Greenpeace [referred] to attempts to address global warming through international negotiations as “climate apartheid,” a subtle form of racism.

Moonbats who denounce global warming power grabs like the United Nations circle jerk that resulted in the Paris Agreement on the grounds that they are “racist” must be lacing their Kool-Aid with LSD. But then, it can’t be easy to constantly push the envelope ever deeper into insanity, which is the duty of cutting edge progressives.

Issues like environmentalism, sexual deviancy, and antiwhite racism can be jumbled together because the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution. The revolution has been going on for some time, and will not end until progressives have achieved totalitarian control of every conceivable aspect of your life.

Gaia now enjoys intersectional oppression, just like favored racial groups.

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