$17.4 Million Jackpot for Being Teased

$17.4 Million Jackpot for Being Teased

Calculate how much money you make per hour. Divide 17,400,000 by that number. Divide the result by 8,760. For example, if you make $25/hour, the result would be 79.45. That is how many years you would have to work 24 hours per day to make as much as James Pearl was handed for getting teased by his coworkers.

A Los Angeles jury handed out a $17.4 million award to a former sanitation worker who was relentlessly bullied for being gay – even though he isn’t.

“Bullied” in this context means “razzed.” But why should being teased for being gay be a bad thing? Normally we are told that homosexual activity is something to take pride in. Pearl should have taken the teasing as a compliment.

Jurors found the city was on the hook for doing nothing after James Pearl, 55, complained about the verbal abuse by his colleagues – who photoshopped pictures of him depicting a same-sex relationship with a subordinate, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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The city isn’t on the hook. Taxpayers are on the hook.

Of course, a jackpot this size doesn’t go to just anyone.

Pearl is now on permanent disability and suffers from physical and psychological damage.

This damage resulted from teasing that sounds no worse than many of us weathered in grade school.

A normal person who shrugs off teasing, or a hypersensitive person who responds with a punch in the nose, does not get a $17.4 million jackpot. A society only awards that kind of money to someone who exemplifies the characteristics it values most highly.

A whimpering, self-pitying willingness to forsake any claim to self-respect in order to claim the mantle of victimhood is what earned Pearl the prize.

He didn’t earn it by being a good employee. They had tried to fire him:

Pearl, who worked as a wastewater collection supervisor, had been fired in 2011 after he was accused of faking time sheets for another employee – who was also perceived as gay by colleagues.

But his employment was later reinstated after the LA Board of Civil Service Commission found he was wrongfully terminated.

Looks like the termination was well advised. It seems likely that he sniveled and groveled before the bureaucrats with impressive piteousness to get his job back.

That’s when his colleagues started circulating the edited photos with gay connotations and leaving lewd objects on his desk related to gay sex.

He ought to cut them all in for a share of the take.

Try not to think of what future lies in wait for a society that would pay someone $17.4 million to behave like James Pearl.

Only the most pitiful victims win big.

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