Liberals at the Huffington Post: Use rags instead of toilet paper to save the environment

Liberals at the Huffington Post: Use rags instead of toilet paper to save the environment

If you don’t want to use toilet paper, get a bidet. Wiping your behind with a “reusable cloth” is just disgusting.

Obama toilet paper

In a HuffPost Live discussion, bloggers Angela Davis, Kathleen Quiring and Makala Earley explain why they’ve decided to go paperless, revealing that it’s not as messy or unhygienic as it may sound.

‘It is definitely possible,’ insists Mikala, who says she and her husband stopped using toilet paper about a year ago. ‘It is almost seen as a necessity [and] it doesn’t have to be, and it’s been a lot of fun to learn how to do it this way.’

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Oh yes, nothing sounds like more fun that wiping yourself over and over again with a rag stained with your own feces! Now, back to our heroines!

These women say living without toilet paper has not only saved money, but it is also environmentally friendlier, since the production of toilet paper involves the destruction of thousands of trees.

What’s more, the chlorine dioxide used to bleach the paper, which can be considered an environmental hazard, then gets into the sewage system and can apparently pollute the water.

When they’re out of the house, however, things can get tricky. ‘It’s kind of hard to take it with you or it’s all dirty and it’s in the washing machine,’ she says.

And Angela, who lives in Portland, Oregon, says she and her family gave up toilet paper for two weeks as an experiment to find new ways of ‘going green’.

Instead of paper, they used flannel cloths which they kept in a box by the toilet, and would put in the washing machine every two to three days, which meant they ‘didn’t notice any smell at all’.

I’m not surprised they don’t notice a smell. After all, humans can get used to just about any smell if they’re around it long enough. That’s why hoarders can live in houses with dead cats and rotting food without smelling a stench strong enough to knock most people over. On the other hand, this gives self-impressed liberals something cheaper than buying a Prius to feel smug about; so maybe it’s not all bad.

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