Obama Administration Has Your Drilling, But Wants Your Oceans, Too.

Remember when that oil rig exploded off of the Gulf of Mexico, giving the Obama Administration the perfect excuse to exercise complete control over our offshore drilling? Yeah, it might not be the top priority going into the campaign, but American drilling has been severely impacted – and continues to be severely impacted by Obama Administration “efforts” to “help” our nation gain “energy independence.” Luckily, despite all of the awesome assistance they’ve been willing to give, the oil and gas industry still manages to keep employing Americans and producing roughly $121 billion in economic output and supporting over 734,000 jobs.

But maybe not for long. Obviously, in this Administration, such success cannot go unpunished. Spurred on by an Executive Order, signed by President Obama in July of 2010 when the imminent destruction of our oceans at the hands of greedy corporate profiteers was more closely at hand, the National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan was formed, with the intention of reassessing the treatment of our precious American bodies of water by: certain organizations who shall not be named and how that treatment is impacting the future of our oceans, rivers and lakes. And, lucky for the Gulf Coast, who is only just recovering from the double whammy of a cleanup and a moratorium on drilling that cost them thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in lost production, the National Ocean Policy plan also gives the Federal government enforcement powers, sort of like a big zoning board for our natural resources.

In other words, just when you thought it was safe to drill, the government is here and they’d like to help you rethink your position on this issue.

“…effective [National Ocean Policy] implementation would also require clear and easily understood requirements and regulations, where appropriate, that include enforcement as a critical component.”


“the use of regulatory…measures opportunities to incorporate…principles into Federal laws, regulations, and policies,” “strengthen[ing]” the “content and/or application” of existing laws, and “improv[ing] the use of existing regulatory tools.”

That can’t be good.

What also can’t be good? The new regulatory scheme will be overseen by a National Ocean Council, led by the White House, who will manage creation of these zoning plans. The regulatory council will feature a who’s who of job-destroying entities, including the EPA, and a number of Global Climate Change enthusiasts, including the NOAA.:  Exactly who American needs “serve[ing] as an overlay for decisions made under existing regulatory mandates” and “assist[ing] the [Bureau of Ocean Energy Management]…in making informed decisions.” I guess it wouldn’t surprise any of you to know that, last summer, the National Ocean Council made it their priority “to reduc[e] the impacts of stressors over which we have more direct control,” citing drilling as among the primary stressors. Of course.

And this is only in the planning stages. At a time when American industry is struggling with one of the worst economic downturns in its history, this policy system, which will directly impact any growth that we’ve seen in the last few years, is just revving up. Who knows what we’ll see as this takes effect, grows legs and becomes the kind of awesome body of environmental control you know the Administration is only wishing it can be…

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